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Readers' Music Reviewed By Sam Inglis & Nell McLeod
Published March 2010

In A Forest Without Trees

Goonies Never Say Die

If the defining characteristics of 'post‑rock' as a genre are ridiculous band names, not singing, and having more effect pedals than are strictly necessary, Blackpool's Goonies Never Say Die are the post‑rock band par excellence. Their name is so stupid you can't quite believe that five grown men agreed to use it, and everything they play sounds like the instrumental introduction to a song that never quite arrives. At the many points where you instinctively expect the vocals to come in, they usually just add another guitar effect instead, with "the raw emotion of the Ebow” and heavy use of delay both distinct possibilities.

You get the feeling that GNSD are one of those bands who play very, very loudly indeed, and that being the case, engineer and guitarist Simon Morgan has done a fair job of translating their wall of sound to CD. The kit is decently recorded, though personally I might have made it less wide, in order to preserve some much‑needed space for effect pedals. The distorted guitar sounds come across strongly, and although some of the cleaner tones are on the brittle side, the band's power and dynamic contrasts are well represented here. Whether you agree with their own assessment of it as "ace as tits” will probably depend on how fond you are of minute variations on the loud‑bit‑quiet‑bit theme. For me, I confess, 50 minutes of it is too much. Sam Inglis


A fairly high proportion of the electronica CDs that plop into the Playback letterbox feature impressive production values, but at the same time leave one with the nagging feeling that something is missing. All too often, their creators have been so busy painstakingly programming vintage synths, chopping up samples or...

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Published March 2010