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    So Solid Crew

    Swiss: Approaches To Production

    UK garage is the biggest underground dance music phenomenon for years, and has taken London collective So Solid Crew to the top of the charts. Crew member Swiss talks to SOS about their approach to production.

    People Apr 2002
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    Recording Steve McLean's All This Love And Hate

    Producer: Mark Cunningham • Engineer: Grant Matthews

    One-time SOS writer Mark Cunningham hadn't produced an album for almost 10 years — until a soulful ex-prisoner inspired him to get back behind the desk...

    People Apr 2002
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    Producer: Odd Nosdam

    Recorded on eight-track cassette, cLOUDDEAD's extraordinary debut album is an object lesson in lo-fi production and the creative use of budget equipment.

    People Mar 2002
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    Location Recording

    Recording The Cheshire Youth Orchestra

    Recording a large orchestra can be fairly tricky, even in the most well-equipped of studios, but trying to get a great sound on location, using only the gear you can fit into your car, adds challenges all of its own.

    Techniques Feb 2002
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    Readerzone: Gary Amos

    Location Recording With A Portastudio

    This month's Readerzone doesn't have a home studio at all, but instead has chosen to concentrate on location recording — and with his modest Portastudio-based setup he's achieving a degree of local success.

    People Feb 2002
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    Brian 'BT' Transeau

    Emotional Impact

    BT revitalised the sound of boy band N'Sync, composed some of the most radical soundtracks to appear in mainstream films, and has a good claim to have invented trance. And he still finds time to talk to SOS...

    People Dec 2001
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    The Secrets Of Warmth & Air

    Recording Tools

    You don't need a wand to conjure up sonic magic, just a few well-chosen recording tools.

    Techniques Dec 2001
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    Recording Vocals On A Computer

    Recording to a computer can make it easier than ever before to produce a great vocal sound - but there are also pitfalls to watch out for...

    Techniques Nov 2001
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    Anders Bagge & Arnthor Birgisson

    Murlyn Music Group

    Richard Buskin talks with two of Sweden's hottest writer-producers about their ongoing work as part of the Murlyn Music Group, including recent hit recordings by Jennifer Lopez, Samantha Mumba and Jessica Simpson.

    People Oct 2001
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    Recording Bass Instruments

    Bass Guitar & Bass Synth

    Paul White provides some practical tips for achieving better recorded bass guitar and bass synth sounds.

    Techniques Oct 2001
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    Mixing Programmed & Real Instruments Successfully

    Sound Advice

    You might be a virtuoso instrumentalist and a dab hand at programming, but can you get the two skills to work together? Sam Inglis offers some tips.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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    Using EQ header artwork showing fingers on Focusrite EQ.

    Using EQ

    Understanding Instrument & Voice Frequency Ranges

    We explain how to get the best practical results from equalisation by understanding the true frequency ranges of most instruments and voices.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Giving Your MIDI Tracks A Live Feel: Part 2

    The Feel-Good Factor

    Simon Millward demonstrates how to use the tools for extracting groove templates from audio recordings within most MIDI + Audio sequencers and offers his tips and techniques for using them to achieve more feel in your tracks.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Recording Acoustic Guitar Masterclass

    Mic Choices & Miking Tips

    While physical modelling preamps may take the hassle out of recording electric guitars, you're still going to need to reach for a mic when recording acoustic guitar. Paul White shows you how to get the best recorded sound, and offers a few of his favourite tricks of the trade.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Flightcrank - Joe Morena; Building Leeroy Thornhill's Home Studio

    How do you follow 10 years in The Prodigy, one of the most successful bands of the last decade? By recording a solo album in an outhouse adjoining a disused windmill, naturally. Matt Bell meets former Firestarter Leeroy Thornhill and his studio designer Joe Morena to discuss the making of a recording facility in a former double garage.

    People Jul 2001
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    What Is An Equaliser?

    Theory & Applications

    EQ is a vital tool in modern music production, and an understanding of how each type of equaliser works is important if you are to choose the most effective one for each situation. Paul White and Mike Senior explain the basic principles of equalisation and the different practical implementations.

    Techniques Jul 2001
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    Audio Recording Using A PC Soundcard

    Basic Principles

    As with any recording system, the first goal of recording on a PC is to preserve as faithful a copy of the source sound as possible. Achieving this, however can be a complicated business. Martin Walker goes back to basics.

    Techniques Jul 2001
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    Matching The Phase Of Mic & DI Signals

    Sound Workshop

    Craig Anderton shows you how to get the best results when combining miked and DI'ed feeds from a bass guitar.

    Techniques Jul 2001
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    The DS201 exemplifies the typical controls found on a good gate.

    Advanced Gating Techniques: Part 2

    Practical Tips & Tricks

    Gates are far more than just problem-solvers for reducing spill and noise. They can be used to add punch to drum sounds, put rhythmic interest into sustained parts or even as mixing automation.

    Techniques May 2001
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    Interview | Artist/Producer

    More and more musicians are trying to escape the sterile confines of modern commercial studios in favour of their own creative environments. Brendan Perry's highly individual recording space is uniquely suited to his eclectic style, as John Walden reports.

    People May 2001
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    Drawmer's ever-popular DS201 dual noise gate.

    Advanced Gating Techniques: Part 1

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White reveals that there's much more to gating than you might think.

    Techniques Apr 2001


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