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AKG D12VR | Media

Audio Examples By Jack Ruston
Published October 2012

At Toyrooms, we recorded a 24 x 14-inch Tiki Drums kick, with the microphones feeding a CAPI VP25 mic amp and a Lynx Aurora 16 converter. The files were recorded to Logic at 24-bit/44.1kHz. Thanks to Preston Prince of Tiki Drums for his playing, and to Pablo Clements and Chris Allen at Toyrooms.

Download | 47 MB

At Black Barn, the recordings were made to Pro Tools via Avid converters, again at 24-bit/44.1kHz via a CAPI VP25. The Tokai bass fed an Ampeg SVT II and a Marshall 4 x 12 bass cab. Guitar 1 was a Fender Telecaster into a Vox AC15, and Guitar 2 the same Telecaster into a Soldano Hot Rod 50 head and a Marshall 4 x 12 guitar cabinet. The piano was a Yamaha. Thanks to James Stone and Charles Rees at Black Barn, and to John Hogg.

The audio files are named with the mic model first, then the instrument (eg. 'guitar1'), then the mic position where appropriate (eg. 'kick in', 'kick hole', 'kick out'). The D12VR kick-drum file names are also appended with either 'HL', 'L', 'MC' or 'P', denoting high and low boost, low boost, mid cut or passive modes, respectively..