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API TranZformers

Guitar & Bass Channel Strip Pedals
Published December 2017
By Bob Thomas

API TranZformers

API put the sound of their classic consoles right at your feet!

Until the recent release of their first floor pedals, the TranZformer GT (for guitar) and TranZformer LX (for bass), getting hardware with the sound of an API mixing console required a significant financial investment. But calling these new creations ‘pedals’ is a bit like calling Mount Everest a hill — they’re both much closer to being floor-mounted channel strips.

Each TranZformer is physically quite large and imposing, and the brushed metal front panels of both models carry the same controls: six API-style knobs for the detented input gain and output level attenuator, the compressor and the three-band EQ, plus three, red LED-equipped footswitches that activate the Tone (EQ), compressor and hardwired bypass. Another red LED, next to the gain control, flashes if either the input or output stages...

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Published December 2017