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MOTU 828es

USB & Thunderbolt Audio Interface
Published September 2018
By Sam Inglis

MOTU 828es

MOTU’s 828 series has been a valuable studio workhorse for nearly two decades, and the latest is the best one yet.

In many walks of life, manufacturers will use the same name to refer to successive generations of products. Today’s Volkswagen Golf doesn’t have much in common mechanically with its 1974 ancestor, but it occupies the same position in the automobile market, and benefits from four decades of accumulated brand recognition. Likewise, MOTU have had a product named the 828 in their range for no fewer than 17 years, but the world of audio interfaces moves fast, and we are now on the fifth generation.

The original 828 was the very first FireWire audio interface, and proved enormously successful, thanks to its well-judged blend of analogue and digital I/O. In 2003, MOTU followed this up with a MkII version, offering better metering, support for high sample rates and additional MIDI...

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Published September 2018