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Newfangled Audio Elevate

Multiband Mastering Dynamics Plug-in
Published January 2018
By Paul White

Newfangled Audio Elevate

A new processor from a new developer promises limiting and transient control precisely targeted to the needs of an individual mix.

Just when you thought that a truce was being drawn in the loudness wars, along comes another plug-in designed to make your mixes sound even louder. However, Newfangled Audio’s Elevate should not be dismissed as just another ’squash it into the red’ processor: it is a genuinely useful and surprisingly versatile mastering tool that can be used to control tonal character as well as loudness. If you are wondering why Eventide are selling plug-ins by Newfangled Audio, the answer is that Newfangled Audio’s founder, Dan Gillespie, was Eventide’s former DSP engineer, and indeed he still consults for the company. His first two plug-ins, both aimed at mastering, are Elevate and EQuivocate, the second of which is being offered free for a limited period.

Adapt &...

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Published January 2018