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Neve 1073 SPX

Microphone Preamplifier & EQ
Published January 2018
By Hugh Robjohns

Neve 1073SPX

The world’s most famous console preamp and EQ continues to evolve to meet the needs of the modern studio.

It’s amazing to think that a mixing console input module designed back in 1970 is still being repurposed 47 years on, but that’s what AMS Neve have just done with the 1073 SPX. The classic Neve 1073 input module was designed for a bespoke mixing console called the A88, built for Wessex Studios (which, sadly, is now long gone!) in Islington, London. It’s a discrete semi-modular transistor design with transformers on both the input and output, and a three-band EQ plus separate high-pass filter.

Until recently, AMS Neve offered six different incarnations of the 1073. One is a faithful recreation of the original input module for use in vintage consoles or...

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Published January 2018