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Peter Wade - Revalver | Podcast

Peter Wade - Revalver

Peter Wade talks to Paul White about his route into the industry, from starting out as an electronics engineer through to opening his own valve amp repair company, Revalver.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
00:19 - Route Into The Industry
02:36 - Setting Up Revalver
03:36 - Problems With Valve Amps
04:36 - Preferred Technology
05:37 - Re-Biasing
07:00 - Classic Vox Amps
07:48 - Problematic Repairs And Schematics
08:48 - Valve vs Modern Tech
11:24 - Current Projects
12:41 - The Future Of Valve Amps

Peter Wade - Biog

Peter Wade’s interest in and obsession with valve amplifiers and the valve sound formed in his teens, playing in a host of local bands. His first proper job was repairing band equipment for a musical instrument importer and he then became a partner in Everbimes, importers of Randall amplification and the original and sole importer of Leo Fender’s G&L guitars.

Moving into the computer industry, he worked on DEC mainframe computers, large company intranets and operating systems. in 2000, he gained a Masters degree in Interactive Multimedia Production from Huddersfield University.

Peter then worked as AMS Neve’s London engineer with clients including Abbey Road, AIR Studios, Pinewood and the BBC. He has now moved full circle, from cutting edge network and computer technology back to valve equipment. He runs his own business in West Yorkshire, UK — called Revalver — specialising in repairs and modifications to valve guitar amplifiers.

When not in his workshop, Peter can usually be found in his home studio playing guitar, keyboards and drums — to his own satisfaction!

Presenter: Paul White - Biog

Paul White - Executive Editor

Paul White initially trained in electronics at the Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern then went on to work with Malvern Instruments, a company specialising in laser analysis equipment, before moving into technical writing.

He joined the Sound On Sound team in 1991, where he became Editor In Chief, a position he held for many years before becoming Executive Editor. Paul has written more than 20 highly-regarded recording and music technology textbooks, the latest being The Producer’s Manual.

Having established his own multitrack home studio in the 1980s, he’s worked with many notable names including Bert Jansch and Gordon Giltrap. He’s played in various bands over the years and currently collaborates with Malvern musician Mark Soden, under the name of Cydonia Collective. Paul still performs live claiming that as he has suffered for his music he doesn’t see why everyone else shouldn’t too!

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