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PSP InfiniStrip

PSP InfiniStrip

Want to combine the freedom to choose EQs and compressors with the convenience of a single plug‑in? PSP may have the answer...

Channel strip plug‑ins often include a preamp emulation, a compressor and an EQ, and that's pretty much what you see when you first instantiate InfiniStrip. But a few offer many more options, and this is one such plug‑in: it comes with an almost bewildering choice of modules, most of which have been newly developed, though there are also a few based on PSP's range of single plug‑ins. The user can instantiate up to nine modules in the rack at any one time and arrange them in any order, with the signal always flowing from left to right; you can set up some fairly sophisticated processing this way. PSP are keen to point out that it's possible to track through InfiniStrip without adding anything to your system latency, which I have to say is pretty impressive considering the sound quality on offer here. InfiniStrip supports mono and stereo operation, and comes in AAX, Audio Units, VST, VST3 and RTAS (remember that?) formats. Protection is via an iLok account, but you don't need a physical iLok dongle; you can choose to authorise it to a specific computer.

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There are 22 modules in total, and these include Preamps, Filters, Compressors, Equalisers, Limiters and other Dynamic modules. The last category covers expansion, ducking and gating. There's also a Control module (an output module with metering, balance and stereo width adjustment) and two Special modules, a de-esser and a 50/60Hz hum remover. As well as the seven module-type-specific rack slots, there are two insert slots. These can host any module type, including those you've already deployed elsewhere, should you fancy a double dose of something. Where relevant, modules have independent side-chain inputs and include side-chain...

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Published June 2020