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Rob Papen Vecto

Vector Synthesizer Plug-in
By Paul White

Rob Papen Vecto

Rob Papen's versatile Rack Extension vector synth has been reborn as a plug-in.

Now available in all the common Mac and Windows plug-in variants, including AAX, VST and Audio Units, Vecto was originally created as a Rack Extension for Propellerhead's Reason, but after much pleading from end users, Rob Papen finally relented and created this platform-agnostic version. For those unfamiliar with the instrument, Vecto is a four-oscillator vector synthesizer in which the contribution of the four oscillators is controlled by an X/Y vector pad and other modulation sources, enabling moving, evolving or rhythmic sound textures to be created.

Sound Sources

The oscillators can be populated from a long list of waves (Additive, Analogue and Spectrum) or samples which, in combination with the modulation options and a range of preset vector paths, make it easy to create ambient soundscapes, pads and string machine type sounds. The sample sets include 'big samples', which are multisamples with keyboard splits, and there are also some special‑effect sounds. There's no option to import your own samples, though I keep trying to persuade Rob to at least let...

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Published June 2019