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sE Electronics BL8 | Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By Neil Rogers
Published March 2024

The audio examples available on this page accompany my review of the BL8 Boundary Mic from sE Electronics.

I’ve provided a few examples of how I enjoyed using the mic during the review period and for all the examples I used the onboard preamps on my Audient ASP 8024 console with no additional processing. Unless stated, the mic was in its neutral EQ setting.

01_Acoustic Guitar

In this example I used the BL8 (with the Cardioid capsule) as an additional option for recording acoustic guitar. I positioned the mic on a small table positioned close to the player, with the mic pointing towards the main body of the guitar at a distance of around 14 inches. 

02_Bass Amp

With the Omni-directional capsule installed, I positioned the BL8 on the floor around 12-14 inches from a loud bass cabinet.

03_Drum Room Floor

Another popular use for the BL8 during the review period was as a hybrid kick drum/room option. In this example the BL8 (Omni Capsule) was positioned about two feet back from the front of the drum kit.


With the Cardioid capsule installed, I fixed the BL8 to the inside of my upright piano which admittedly needs a bit of tuning! This miking technique really excels if you have a pair you can position towards each end of the panel, for a stereo capture.

05_Kick Drum_Flat

For the final three examples, I wanted to demonstrate the BL8’s on-board EQ options. Using the Cardioid capsule, the mic was placed on a cushion about half-way inside my 22-inch Rogers kick drum. This is the ‘Natural’ setting.

06_Kick Drum_Classic

The same position with the ‘Classic' setting.

07_Kick Drum_Modern

The same position but with the ‘Modern’ EQ setting engaged.