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Strezov Sampling Wotan, Freyja & Arva Choirs

Sample Libraries
Published April 2018
By Dave Stewart

Wotan’s tenors boast an unusually high range which blends well with female altos.Wotan’s tenors boast an unusually high range which blends well with female altos.

The Bulgarian choir specialists go epic with a trilogy of choir libraries.

Strezov Sampling’s back story is a familiar one: a bunch of full-time composers and arrangers, battling with the usual impossible workloads and cruel deadlines imposed by their hard-hearted employers, create their own easy-to-use sampling tools which produce great-sounding results without requiring hours of programming. In a win-win situation, the sample collections are subsequently spiffed up and made available to the wider musical community, to the general satisfaction of all.

Founded by orchestral composer George Strezov, the company’s debut release was Storm Choir 1 in December 2012. A stream of orchestral and choir sample libraries followed, including a 20-piece chamber string ensemble, a large pizzicato strings group, solo strings, brass and woodwind ensembles, grand pianos, and percussion collections containing taikos, timpani, low toms and bass drums.

While the company’s instrument titles have been well received, the Sofia-based company have scored particularly highly with their choirs. Building on the success of Storm Choir, Strezov’s sampling team created a choral trilogy — Wotan Male Choir, Freyja Female Choir and Arva Children’s Choir — each of which we’ll examine here.

Wotan Male Choir

Originally released in the dying days of 2015 and updated a year or so later, Wotan features separate sections of 10 tenor and 10 bass singers recorded at the Sofia Session Studio, a capacious, hall-like space with a high ceiling optimised for recording large orchestras and choirs. The inspiration for the library was the powerful low voices heard in ‘The Bridge Of Khazad-dûm’ song from The Fellowship Of The Ring, the first part of the 2001-2003 Lord Of The...

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Published April 2018