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Studiospares Wall Box

Paul White checks out a useful connection aid.

Every studio installation needs wall boxes to accommodate the mic inputs in the studio area, but many are expensive and inadequately labelled. Studiospares' answer was to design their own 8‑ and 16‑way compact wall boxes which are supplied empty, but with cutouts and mounting holes for standard XLR sockets. Triangular in section, the black finished, all‑steel boxes have a removable top cover clearly marked with the numbers 1‑8 in the case of the 8‑way version or 1‑16 in the case of the 16‑way model. Nothing revolutionary so far, but as wall boxes are often used in multiples, the underside of the top plate is numbered 9‑16 or 17‑32 depending on the model. Reversing the top panel reveals the alternate numbering system and that's all there is to it.

The ends of the box are stamped with 25mm cutouts to permit cable entry — you simply knock out the end you want to use. There's also a 25mm hole in the rear of the box, and two keyhole slots are provided for easy wall mounting.

Wall boxes are pretty unglamorous bits of gear, but these are rugged, compact and very sensibly designed. Best of all, they don't cost too much.