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Time Talk Time Calculator for Atari ST

Paul White checks out this handy utility.

TimeTalk is a desk accessory utility program for Atari ST users which will run alongside your sequencer, acting as a dedicated calculator for working out various time‑related problems — such as tempo to time conversion, tempo changes, SMPTE location points and more. In addition, there's a facility dedicated to samplers, which not only covers timestretch and detuning, but also enables you to tie up changes made to your sampler settings (detuning or start and end points) with sequencer settings for trigger time, note length and so on.

The program may only be installed once, and there seems to be no way of uninstalling it, which seems very remiss. On such a low‑cost program, this seems to be carrying copy protection to extremes. But once installed, the software seems well thought out and appears very much like the dialogue boxes found in Cubase or Creator. As supplied, the mouse is configured so the left button increments while the right button decrements (a la Creator/Notator), but this may be reversed for those who prefer the alternative.

Simple though the program appears, it is actually quite versatile and the worked examples at the back of the short manual are very welcome. These examples include finding an exact tempo to make a piece of music fit between two previously‑specified SMPTE locations, as well as several more routine examples. For anyone working to picture, or involved in music with multiple tempo changes, TimeTalk could be the ideal solution.

Since this review was written, Time Talk has been modified and now features a re‑install function. This means that each copy of Time Talk can now be moved from disk to disk as required.