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Ableton: Spicing Up MIDI Drum Parts

Ableton Live Tips & Techniques
Published October 2018
By Len Sasso

Live has a few tricks up its sleeve to add variety to your drum patterns.

Adding variation and interest to MIDI drum parts has been taxing programmers for as long as it’s been possible to program drums. Fortunately, Live has a number of tricks to help you out... Perhaps the easiest way to add variety is to occasionally suppress some of the hits for a particular kit piece. The simplest way to do this is to use Live’s Session view Follow Actions to change the clip playing that kit piece. I’ll start there and then move on to explore AutoBeat, a Max For Live sequencer designed specifically for generating drum patterns with randomised triggering. With either method, you’ll usually need to do some editing to the resulting parts for them to make musical sense.

Variations On A Theme

Screen 1: Follow Actions trigger clips that alternate between basic and push‑beat patterns on the kick and ride tracks. The ‘Grab’ clips capture eight‑bar loops for manual editing.Screen 1: Follow Actions trigger clips that alternate between basic and push‑beat...

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Published October 2018