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Chopping Up Loops In Sonar

Cakewalk Sonar Tips & Techniques
Published April 2018
By Craig Anderton

You can slice loops at specific rhythmic values, not just at transients selected by Sonar’s looping algorithm.You can slice loops at specific rhythmic values, not just at transients selected by Sonar’s looping algorithm.

We show you the many ways you can chop up and manipulate loops in Sonar.

There’s a misconception among some people that groove-oriented music is just non-musicians pushing buttons and playing “other people’s music” (ie. loops). But musicians who are into this genre put a lot of effort into what they do; much of it involves extensive editing based on isolating individual sections of music, and then piecing them together in novel and musical ways.

Arguably, the easiest way to slice up a clip is with Propellerheads’ ReCycle, which is designed to create REX files: you place markers within the file to create slices, and can then export each slice as an individual file. However, Sonar has some surprising talents along these lines as well. (Note...

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Published April 2018