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Dance Music Filter Effects with Cubase 5 | Audio

Audio Examples from Cubase Techniques May 2010 By John Walden
Published May 2010

These files accompany the Cubase Technique Filter Sweeps workshop for SOS May 2010 (/sos/may10/articles/cubasetech_0510.htm).

example_1_tonic_sync_to_beat Audio icon example1tonicsynctobeat.mp3

unprocessed_synth Audio icon unprocessedsynth.mp3

example_2_tonic_hands-on_cutoff Audio icon example2tonichands-oncutoff.mp3

example_3_tonic_audio_gate_side-chain Audio icon example3tonicaudiogateside-chain.mp3

extra_example_1_tonic_off_the_wall Audio icon extraexample1tonicoffthewall.mp3

extra_example_2_classic_auto-filter Audio icon extraexample2classicauto-filter.mp3

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