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Exporting Logic Projects To Other DAWs

Apple Logic Pro Tips & Techniques By Stephen Bennett
Published May 2021

Logic Pro’s export options.Logic Pro’s export options.

How do you export your projects for use in other DAWs? Read on to find out...

It may come as something of a shock, but not every musician and engineer uses Logic Pro X. Music and audio production is usually a collaborative endeavour and, at some point, you are going to want to work with such colleagues — even those who use something called ‘Pro Tools’. Logic Pro X offers many solutions to enable collaborative work; which you use will depend on who you are working with and what software they are using. Whilst we have reached a certain amount of standardisation with audio file formats, what you’ll need to send to your collaborators can vary depending on the project in hand, and so different methodologies are required to extract the correct material.

Export Duties

The simplest way to make sure that tracks from your project can be easily loaded into another DAW is to export them all as individual files. Most of Logic Pro X’s export functions are in the main window’s File / Export menu (shown above).

Before I export anything, I often want to do some tidying up — which might mean changing things that might cock up my carefully prepared mixes. So I usually create a new Project Alternative from the File menu and call it ‘Export’. It’s also sensible to make sure the track names correctly reflect their contents, as no one wants to receive 50 files named ‘Audio...’.

The Export window is where you decide what to export, and what to name the exported files.The Export window is where you decide what to export, and what to name the exported files.

There are several options you’ll want to address here before you go about exporting anything. Firstly, turn off Overload Protection. If your files are overloading you really need to address this in the Logic Pro X Project itself! The three Range options allow you to either export a selection (as defined by the...

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Published May 2021

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