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Logic Pro: Customisation & Project Navigation

Apple Logic Pro Tips & Techniques By David Ricard
Published November 2022

To copy a track, including all its regions, simply hold down Option and drag the track down.To copy a track, including all its regions, simply hold down Option and drag the track down.

Be bold and take full advantage of Logic’s incredible customisation features.

From the outset, Logic was markedly ahead of the game when it came to flexibility and customisation. And while it appears that most other DAWs have caught up to some degree, the sheer extent of Logic’s adaptability is still staggering.

It’s hard enough to keep up with the features that are added with each update, but when you also take into account all of the under‑the‑hood features that have been hiding for years, it’s understandable to be completely overwhelmed.

In this month’s offering, I’d like to serve up a selection of features that, even after using Logic for over 20 years, I’ve only discovered recently. Some of them are true revelations and others are so face‑plantingly obvious that SOS may reconsider letting me write this workshop!

Don’t assume that any of the default settings are the way you should be working. It’s customisable for a reason.

Copy That

Suppose you want to create a copy of a track... not just the track, but the regions as well. Perhaps you have something recorded that you want to edit, but you also want the original preserved. Or you have a snare drum track that you want to duplicate for sample replacement. Maybe you want to copy a bass track for some parallel processing, and find having the bass on two tracks preferable to using buses.

In the past, I would have duplicated the track (Cmd+D), returned to the original track to copy its contents, nearly always be frustrated that only the regions between the locators were selected, turn off the locators, select the track again, copy the regions, and finally paste them into the new track.

The new trick for this old dog is to simply hold down the Option key while dragging down on the original track. A duplicate of the track with all of its contents is created instantaneously.

Hide & Seek

Are you a hoarder like me? I can’t seem to throw anything in my Logic sessions away. The problem is, I can’t stand to look at all the musical debris I’ve accumulated in the Main window.

The Option+shortcut hides all unused tracks, making your project much easier to navigate.The Option+shortcut hides all unused tracks, making your project much easier to navigate.Customisation & Project navigation...and now they're hidden.Track hiding to the rescue! Simply press the key and a new button (labelled H) appears on each track. Tick the box of all of the tracks that you don’t need to see and press again. Now all of the tracks you selected are removed from sight and your session is much more manageable. If you need to see any of the hidden tracks again, simply press again and deselect the desired tracks.

Admittedly, I have...

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