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Mix Rescue: Generals & Majors | Audio Files

Hear The Differences For Yourself
Published April 2007

The following audio files demonstrate some of the mix processing used to create this month's remix. You can listen to or download these at:

  • Audio icon originaldrumsfrontmic.mp3 and Audio icon originaldrumsrearmic.mp3: These are the raw recordings from the closest thing the band had to overheads: one mic placed in front of the kit, and another mic above and behind.
  • Audio icon automatedoverheadsmix.mp3: The remixed drum sound was based on this basic overheads mix, created by balancing the two overhead mics together under automation control. A little EQ cut at 14kHz was used to make the hi-hat sound less edgy. Notice that the snare sound changes in real time as a side-effect of the automation.
  • Audio icon ProcessedDrums.mp3 and Audio icon ProcessedDrumsLarger.mp3: These two files solo the full remixed drums, but the first file doesn't include two of the effects I used to get more size later on in the mix process: high-pass-filtered hall reverb and parallel compression.
  • Audio icon OriginalLeadGuitar.mp3: The original lead guitar part was very muddy, and therefore couldn't be faded up to a suitable level without clouding the whole mix.
  • Audio icon ProcessedLeadGuitar.mp3: High-pass filtering cleared out the low-end rubbish from the track and I also used some moderate compression to bring up details in the line.
  • Audio icon ProcessedLeadGuitarWithFX.mp3: Converting the processed line into something of an '80s parody was accomplished with some heavily EQ'd tempo-sync'ed delay and a chorus effect chaining Cubase 's Mod Delay and Chorus plug-ins.
  • Audio icon OriginalLeadVocal.mp3: The wrong choice of mic and mic placement for this voice resulted in excessive proximity effect, inconsistent tonality, and uncontrolled plosives and sibilants.
  • Audio icon ProcessedLeadVocal.mp3: High-pass filtering, presence boost, de-essing and multiband compression work together here to compensate for the problems in the original recording.
  • Audio icon ProcessedLeadVocalsWithFX.mp3: The lead vocal and its double-track as they finally appear in the remix, complete with automated panning and the same tempo-sync'd delay and chorus effects used on the lead guitar.
  • Audio icon originalmix-0407.mp3: The band's own mix, as sent in to SOS.
  • Audio icon remix-0407.mp3: My remix from the same original tracks.