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Mix Rescue: Michael Bowkunowicz | Audio Files

Hear for yourself
Published November 2007

This month we take a look at ways of tackling vocal pitching and timing problems.

Hear The Files For Yourself

These audio files are from Paul White's mix of Michael Bowkunowicz's track, Time For You, as featured in the Mix Rescue in SOS November 2007.

This is the lead vocal as supplied, before any tuning or other processing was applied.

This is the lead vocal after tuning courtesy of the Celemony Melodyne plug-in.

This is the lead vocal after all the processing and effects were applied.

The backing vocals as supplied, with no processing.

The backing vocals with tuning correction, done with Antares Autotune.

The choral pad before processing or effects.

The choral pad as used in Paul White's final mix.

The original pad part had been intended as a harmony, but clashed with the vocals, so these were replaced with parts from earlier in the song.

This is Michael Bowkunowicz's original mix of his track, 'Time For You'.

This is the final mix done by Paul White of 'Time For You'.