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Mix Rescue: Mixing A Live Recording | Media

Clive John By Paul White
Published August 2013

The audio files on this page accompany the Mix Rescue that appears in SOS August 2013.

Download | Bass & Guitar 12.4 Mb
Download | RAW Mix 82 Mb
Download | Without Ocean Way 82 Mb
Download | With Ocean Way 3 82 Mb


SOS Mix No Ocean Way

SOS Mix with Ocean Way 3

The file labelled 'Raw Mix' is a simple balance of the unprocessed sources, and most of the problems described in the article are clearly audible: thin electric guitars, quacky acoustic, uneven backing vocals and bass, and unflattering drum sounds. Paul's remix is presented here in two versions, one 'straight' and one with a Universal Audio Ocean Way Studio plug-in on the master bus to add liveness.

Guitar Original

Guitar Processed

The electric guitar as recorded was rather peaky and thin-sounding, not to mention noticeably out of tune. A speaker emulator was used to thicken up the sound, and the tuning issues were obscured by using a subtle chorus effect created by adding a pitch-shifted copy of the original track.

Bass Original

Bass Processed

The DI'd bass guitar was clean and a bit too polite to cut through the track. Heavy compression and a touch of amp simulation added the necessary weight, while an SPL Transient Designer was used to rein in the sustain slightly after this processing.