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Recording Drums | Podcast

Pro Techniques Explained By Mark Mynett
Published September 2022
Mark Mynett - Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at Huddersfield University

Mark Mynett, Sound Engineer and Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production, talks us through the setup and recording of live drums.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
00:36 - Recording Multiple Instruments
01:12 - Pre-Recording Preparation
03:46 - 1. Miking The Kick
12:08 - 2. Miking The Snare
24:24 - 3. Miking The Toms
29:24 - 4. Miking The Cymbals
38:54 - 5. Overheads For Room Ambience

Mark Mynett - Biog

As well as being Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at Huddersfield University, UK, Mark Mynett is a live music front-of-house engineer, as well as a record producer/engineer/mix and mastering engineer. Mainly focused on indie, rock and metal genres, he produces from his own studio – Mynetaur Productions – where he recently completed the latest My Dying Bride album ‘The Ghost of Orion’: referred to by Dom Lawson (The Guardian, Metal Hammer, Prog, Classic Rock) as "a master class in modern metal production”.

Mark is also the author of the Metal Music Manual (instructional book for producing contemporary metal music).

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