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MIDI Controllers

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    Gmedia Phat Boy v2

    MIDI Controller

    Paul Nagle tries out the update to this inexpensive controller for MIDI devices.

    Reviews Oct 2000
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    Doepfer Pocket Control

    MIDI Control Surface

    One drawback of soundcards and soft synths is their lack of physical controllers, but Doepfer aim to bridge the gap with their diminutive PocketC. Paul Ward tries his hand...

    Reviews Jul 2000
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    Kurzweil XM1 Expression Mate

    MIDI Processor

    MIDI can be a creative tool as well as a functional one, and Kurzweil's new stand-alone ribbon controller is designed to help you exploit its artistic possibilites. Derek Johnson & Debbie Poyser open up a new world of expression.

    Reviews May 2000
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    Parker MIDIFly


    Guitarists who use sequencers have been waiting many years for the perfect MIDI guitar. John Walden tries the Parker MIDIFly to see if the wait is over.

    Reviews Dec 1999
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    Oberheim/Viscount MC3000 & MC2000

    Controller Keyboards

    Want to get serious about your music? A quality master controller keyboard is a good place to start. Paul Ward looks at two machines that offer a little more than most.

    Reviews Nov 1999
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    Doepfer Drehbank

    MIDI Controller

    There are now quite a few MIDI Control surfaces on the market, yet the knob-laden Drehbank, which offers interesting possibilities for interconnection between vintage CV synths and modern MIDI gear, is sure to excite much interest. Paul Nagle turns on and tunes in.

    Reviews Jul 1999
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    Deeper Regelwerk MIDI Fader box and Step Sequencer.

    Doepfer Regelwerk

    MIDI Fader Box & Step Sequencer

    Fancy having 24 assignable faders and 72 buttons to control your MIDI gear? How about an eight-track MIDI step sequencer with CV and gate outputs too? Paul Nagle explores a product that gives you both.

    Reviews Feb 1999
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    Yamaha B1D/G50

    MIDI Bass Interface

    MIDI guitars have been around for years, but systems catering to bassists are far less common. Derek Johnson sets his sequencer's controls for the heart of the bass...

    Reviews Nov 1998
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    Kenton Control Freak

    MIDI Control Centre

    Derek Johnson & Debbie Poyser take a look at a new programmable control surface which allows you to set up a physical controller for almost any aspect of a MIDI device.

    Reviews Nov 1998
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    Keyfax Hardware Phat Boy

    MIDI Synth Controller

    Paul White takes a turn on a hardware controller box which allows knobularly-challenged GS and XG synths and soundcards to join the rotary club.

    Reviews Jul 1998
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    Yamaha WX5

    Wind Controller

    Paul White, with a little help from Rachel Fletcher and Paul Farrer, gives a blow-by-blow account of a controller that allows MIDI modules to harness the power of wind.

    Reviews Jul 1998
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    Blue Chip Axon AX100

    MIDI Guitar Converter

    MIDI guitar has a long and chequered history, litered with great expectations and expensive failures. Dave Lockwood investigates the latest contender to see if it really is able to bring something genuinely new to the field.

    Reviews May 1998
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    Penny & Giles DC16

    MIDI Controller

    The DC16 is an assignable control surface ideal for use both with gear and software, and with digital audio systems such as Pro Tools. Mike Collins just loves being in control.

    Reviews Oct 1997
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    Interactive Light Dimension

    Beam MIDI Controller

    The Dimension Beam translates physical movement into MIDI data, offering theremin-style control over your keyboard rack. Dominic Hawken explores this new device.

    Reviews Jun 1997
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    Yamaha MFC10

    MIDI Foot Controller

    Yamaha's MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller aims to put control right under its user's feet. Paul Ward boots it up...

    Reviews Apr 1997
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    Roland GR30

    Guitar Synthesizer

    Roland continue to champion the cause of the guitar synthesist, refining their respected line of guitar synths in search of the best combination of facilities, usability and price. Paul White finds out whether they've got the right balance right with the new GR30.

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    Zeta Jazz & Synthony

    MIDI Violin & MIDI Controller

    For over a decade, Californian company Zeta have kept the flag flying for strings players who'd like to bring their skills into the synth age. Alan McClure takes a bow..

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    Yamaha G50

    MIDI Guitar Interface

    The so-called guitarist's dream has failed to deliver on so many occasions that many guitar players now seem sceptical about the whole concept of MIDI guitars. Does the Yamaha G50 give us cause to rethink our prejudices, or does it simply reinforce them? Paul White finds out.

    Reviews Dec 1996
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    Emu Launch Pad

    MIDI Controller

    Emu's Launch Pad provides a hardware control surface for the Orbit sound module, but can also be used with other MIDI gear. Paul Nagle finds out whether it's destined to become a springboard for many a successful mission.

    Reviews Oct 1996
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    Fatar MP1

    MIDI Pedalboard

    Best known for their low-cost controller keyboards, Fatar have now released a new kind of controller — the MP1 MIDI pedalboard. Paul Ward brings his lower limbs into the sonic fray...

    Reviews Nov 1995
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    Kenton GS8

    MIDI Guitar Switcher

    David Mellor goes all gooey about Kenton's new MIDI guitar switcher, designed to put a stop to all the embarrassing onstage effects pedal swapping that goes on in the dark between numbers.

    Reviews Jul 1995


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