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Pro Tools

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    Avid Pro Tools 2023.9

    Music Production Software

    Pro Tools users can now join the clip‑launching party without leaving the comfort of their favourite DAW.

    Reviews Dec 2023
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    Pro Tools Intro & 2022.9 Features

    Avid Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Avid’s latest 2022.9 release introduces a new free edition of Pro Tools.

    Reviews Dec 2022
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    Avid Pro Tools Artist

    DAW Software

    Is the most affordable version of Avid’s DAW still a serious music production tool?

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    Avid Pro Tools 12.3

    Digital Audio Workstation Software For Mac OS & Windows

    The new features promised in Pro Tools 12 are finally starting to arrive. Can Avid persuade existing users that it’s time to start paying annual fees?

    Reviews Jan 2016
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    Avid Pro Tools 11.

    Avid Pro Tools 11

    Digital Audio Workstation Software [Mac OS/Windows]

    If Pro Tools 10 was a watershed release in the product's history, Pro Tools 11 marks the beginning of a new era for Avid's audio production platform.

    Reviews Sep 2013
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    Avid Pro Tools 10

    Digital Audio Workstation Software

    With Pro Tools now catering for such a wide range of users, can the latest version provide both value and satisfaction for everyone?

    Reviews Mar 2012
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    Avid Pro Tools 9

    Digital Audio Workstation Software

    For the first time ever, Avid have made the full Pro Tools feature set available on native systems — and you don't even need one of their interfaces to run it!

    Reviews Jan 2011
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    Digidesign Pro Tools 8: Part 2

    Digital Audio Workstation Software [Mac/PC]

    As well as the new user interface, MIDI and score editors described in Part 1 of our review, Pro Tools 8 offers an impressive collection of instruments and plug-ins, new ways of working with Playlists, and even the option of surround mixing in LE.

    Reviews Feb 2009
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    Digidesign Pro Tools 8

    Digital Audio Workstation Software For Mac & PC: Part 1

    Eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture. Will this eighth version of Pro Tools bring prosperity to Digidesign, as they try to establish their world-leading recording and mixing application as a serious contender in the music-creation market?

    Reviews Jan 2009
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    Digidesign Pro Tools 7.4

    Digital Audio Workstation Software [Mac/PC]

    Nowadays, we expect software to be able to change the tempo of recorded audio, but the latest version of Pro Tools integrates this functionality in a new and impressive fashion.

    Reviews Jan 2008
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    Surround Sound From Stereo

    Upmixing Plug-ins For Pro Tools

    More and more material needs to be delivered in surround formats, but what if you dont have the time or the budget for a 5.1 remix? We test the current crop of unwrap plug-ins that can create a surround master from a stereo mix.

    Reviews Aug 2007
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    Pro Tools: Surround Sound Encoding Plug-ins

    Which Software To Use?

    If you want other people to hear your surround mixes, you'll need to encode them into a consumer format. Pro Tools users have a choice of software for this purpose. Which should you choose?

    Reviews Jun 2007
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    McDSP Classic Pack

    Pro Tools Plug-ins

    McDSP's compression and EQ designs offer a huge amount of control with the potential for accurate emulation of vintage devices. Throw in a tape-modelling suite and a powerful multi-band compressor, and you have the Classic Pack.

    Reviews Jan 2007
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    Digidesign DV Toolkit 2

    Post-Production Tools For Pro Tools LE

    If you want to do serious post-production work in Pro Tools but you can't stretch to an HD system, Digi's new DV Toolkit 2 could be the answer.

    Reviews Oct 2006
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    Digidesign Pro Tools 7.2

    Exclusive PREVIEW

    Digidesign unveil a suite of powerful new mixing and automation features with this major HD release of the Pro Tools software, and throw in a surprising number of other goodies at the same time.

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Digidesign Hybrid & Music Production Toolkit

    Analogue-style Synth & Plug-in Bundle For Pro Tools

    What could be more tempting than a sweet-sounding virtual analogue synth? How about that same synth bundled with a bunch of high-quality plug-ins targeted at music production?

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Source Elements Source-Connect

    Remote Recording Plug-in [Pro Tools]

    This innovative new plug-in allows Pro Tools users to record each other over the Internet, in real time.

    Reviews May 2006
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    Sound Toys Echoboy

    Pro Tools Effects Plug-in [Mac OS X]

    The former Wave Mechanics team set out to create the ultimate classic echo unit emulator, and ended up with a plug-in that does much more.

    Reviews Apr 2006
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    Digidesign Pro Tools v7

    Recording Software [Mac/PC]

    With new MIDI sequencing functionality among many other features, Pro Tools v7 is intended to be the ultimate audio and MIDI workstation. Will this release keep Digidesign on top?

    Reviews Jan 2006
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    Pro Tools M-Powered

    Recording Software [Win/Mac OS X]

    For the first time ever, Digidesign's Pro Tools recording software is available as a stand-alone product, which can be used in conjunction with any of five audio interfaces from M-Audio.

    Reviews Jun 2005
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    Digidesign Pro Tools 6

    Audio + MIDI Recording Software

    The major audio and MIDI recording applications are slowly migrating to Mac OS X, and the latest to arrive is Digidesign's Pro Tools. The upgrade also introduces powerful new project management features, Groove Template functionality and a more powerful LE version.

    Reviews May 2003


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