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GForce Software Oddity3 ARP Odyssey software synthesizer emulation modelled

GForce launch Oddity3

Oddity3 is the latest version of GForce Software's ARP Odyssey recreation, and features a host of new features and improvements including support for velocity and polyphonic aftertouch.

GForce Oberheim SEM software synthesizer

GForce release Oberheim SEM

GForce have once again collaborated with Oberheim, this time creating an emulation of the iconic Oberheim SEM synthesizer. 

GForce Software M-Tron MkII

GForce Software introduces M-Tron MkII

GForce announce the M-Tron MkII software instrument, a celebration and realisation of an instrument based on the insanely rare and highly coveted original mother of all ‘trons, the Mellotron MkI/MkII.

Bright Sparks documentary

Bright Sparks released for free

Synth documentary explores the lives of Robert Moog, Don Buchla, Peter Zinovieff, Alan R Pearlman, Harry Chamberlin, Adrian Wagner, Ken Freeman and the Bradley Brothers.


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