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Sampleson Drumbada polyrhythm South American drum percussion virtual instrument

Sampleson reveal Drumbada virtual instrument

Drumbada models the sound of an ensemble of bombo legüero, and comes with an intuitive built-in sequencer designed to make polyrhythms accessible to users of all skill levels.

Sampleson Haptic Perc physical modelling percussion instrument audio MIDI

Sampleson release Haptic Perc

Sampleson's latest creation is a physical modelling percussion instrument that can be triggered by either audio or MIDI.

SampleSon SkyWaves analogue modelled software synthesizer wavetable ambient soundscapes

Sampleson release SkyWaves

Sampleson’s latest software instrument combines four synth layers with a trio of effects modules and some powerful macro controls. 

Sampleson Alienize ambient cinematic soundscape VST virtual instrument

Alienize from Sampleson

Alienize is a new virtual instrument from designed specifically for creating ambient cinematic soundscapes, particularly within the science fiction genre.


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