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Transform audio with Sampleson Scaper

Create cinematic atmospheres from any audio source

Sampleson Scaper cinematic soundscape generator plug-in granular synthesis

Scaper is the latest addition to Sampleson’s diverse range of software instruments, and has been designed to save users hours of work by generating atmospheric soundscapes using any audio recording. 

The plug-in can be loaded with any WAV, OGG or AIFF audio file, and will automatically transform it into a new sound using a collection of processes that include a trio of time-stretching sections and a granular synthesis engine. Although much of the work is carried out behind the scenes, there are a selection of Pitch and Speed parameters that allow users to influence the outcome, or apply automation to create continually evolving sounds. The company say that even without any user input, the generative algorithm employed by the plug-in will always create sounds that vary over time in order to avoid repetition. 

“I've always found great pleasure in those videos labeled 'One Hour of Ambient’ or 'One Hour of Synth Soundscapes,' and I've attempted to create them myself with varying success as they require hours of work and numerous synthesizers and effects. I always believed there had to be a smarter and simpler way to produce these types of soundscapes, and thus, Scaper was born. This plug-in, under the hood, performs a myriad of audio tasks such as time stretching, granular synthesis, fragment synthesis and randomisation. These processes culminate in creating environments and textures that mimic the work of hours or days of programming in a DAW.” - Augusto Filocamo, Sampleson

Along with its generative features, Scaper is also equipped with a set of built-in effects and processors. A four-pole low-pass filter is joined by a stereo width control, while spatial effects can be applied using an algorithmic reverb. The GUI is fully scaleable, and the plug-in has been optimised for low CPU usage. 


Scaper is supported on PCs running Windows 7 or later, and Macs running macOS 10.7 and above. VST3 and AU plug-in versions are available, along with a standalone application. Note that there is no AAX version, meaning Pro Tools is not supported. 

Pricing & Availability

Scaper is available now, and is currently (28 May 2024) being offered for an introductory price of $29, reduced from its full cost of $49.

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