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Sub51 Drop Pad

Sub51 release Drop Pad multi-layered sample instrument

Drop Pad is a groundbreaking new drag 'n' drop sample-based NI Kontakt instrument which allows dynamic blending of four imported sound sources, to create multi-layered complex sounds that morph and evolve in an organic way.

Sub51 Beyond Guitar

Beyond Guitar from Sub51

New library for Kontakt and Sampler X uses guitar samples as the basis of synth-style sounds.


Sub51 launch Mechanik

Mechanik's drum sounds are based on those made famous by such diverse electronic artists as Kraftwerk and Daft Punk.

Sub51 EDG-20 sample library.

EDG-20 retro drum module for NI Kontakt

The EDG-20 (Elektro Drum Generator) instrument is based on a large set of meticulously produced samples derived from the legendary Linn LM series of retro drum machines...

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