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EDG-20 retro drum module for NI Kontakt

Linn LM sample library from Sub51

Sub51 EDG-20 sample library.

The EDG-20 (Elektro Drum Generator) instrument is based on a large set of meticulously produced samples derived from the legendary Linn LM series of retro drum machines with the addition of a separate 'sub' kick that can be layered to add further weight.

Formatted for use with NI Kontakt 5.8.1 or later, EDG-20 comes with 25 pre-defined kits. These include low-res options at 4-bit, 8-bit and 12-bit resolutions with sample rates from 4kHz to 32kHz, in addition to the full resolution 24-bit, 44.1k versions.

The instrument, which is GM standard mapped, features 200 velocity-layered samples with adjustable master reverb, delay, distortion and filtering, all accessed from a comprehensive yet intuitive mixer-style interface that includes attack and release controls for the kick and snare.

Pan, tune and volume can be adjusted per voice and the delay may be tempo-synced or adjusted manually. Additionally, there is an LED signal indicator for each drum voice.

71 ready-made loops designed to tempo-sync to your DAW host are also included: each loop has a companion MIDI file allowing mapped 'slices' to be triggered from your preferred sequencer at a different tempo. Based on loops originally created between 84bpm and 136bpm and with both clean and sympathetically effected versions, this library is well-suited to genres such as ambient, chillout, downtempo, electronic, experimental and retro.

EDG-20 comes as a 118.12 MB download and currently costs £14.96 (usually £19.95). It requires NI Kontakt 5.8.1 or above, full version (not Kontakt Player).

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