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    Mastering Spatial Audio

    Michael Romanowski

    Four‑time Grammy winner Michael Romanowski is one of very few people offering mastering services for immersive music.

    Techniques . Jun 2023
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    Soundevice Digital Mastermind

    Mastering Plug-in

    Soundevice Digital’s Mastermind plug‑in aims to provide a selection of tools in a single, uncomplicated GUI so as to make mastering your mixes easy.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Tokyo Dawn Records SimuLathe

    Vinyl Mastering Preparation Plug-in

    This clever new plug‑in can be used by vinyl cutting engineers to help get the best results from their tools and medium — or simply as a way to learn more about vinyl mastering.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    Ian Shepherd On Loudness & Dynamics

    Practical Tips On LUFS Settings For Music Production

    It’s nearly a decade since the LUFS standard for loudness measurement was defined, yet many still seem confused about what it means for music production.

    Techniques . Apr 2023
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    NUGEN Audio Halo Vision

    Analysis Plug-in For Stereo & Immersive Formats

    A good real‑time analyser can draw attention to what our ears miss, and with multi‑channel formats that second opinion can be invaluable.

    Reviews Dec 2022
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    Focusrite Pro Tools Artist LANDR Studio free subscription offer discount

    Focusrite partnership offers

    Pro Tools Artist & LANDR Studio

    Focusrite have announced two exclusive software offers available to registered interface owners through new partnerships with Avid and LANDR.

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    iZtope Ozone 10

    iZotope release Ozone 10

    Fresh updates to iZotope’s flagship mastering suite

    This version boasts a refreshed interface, improvements to modules and an updated Master Assistant among other performance increases.

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    LANDR Studio online music creation mastering distribution collaboration subscription

    LANDR Studio announced

    Online platform introduces all-in-one subscription service

    LANDR Studio aims to provide users with everything they need to make, refine, share and monetise their music.

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    Superbooth 2022 - DOCtron Instant Mastering Channel

    Video report

    The Instant Mastering Channel from DOCtron combines an EQ, a VCA compressor and a drive stage into a lightweight and portable unit. 

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    Cubase Pro: Mix Mastering With Multiband Tools

    Steinberg Cubase Pro Tips & Techniques

    We explore how Cubase’s multiband tools can help you master your own mixes [includes Audio Examples].

    Techniques Nov 2021
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    Producer and engineer Mark Linett

    Remixing The Beach Boys | Podcast

    Mark Linett

    The career of LA producer and engineer Mark Linett spans everything from live mixing for Frank Zappa to engineering for Randy Newman and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We talked to him about his studio, the gear of past and present, and his extensive work remixing and remastering classic Beach Boys records.

    People Jul 2021
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    Antelope Audio VEQ-432C

    Mastering EQ Plug-in

    Antelope Audio recreate a cult mastering equaliser for their unique AFX platform.

    Reviews Jun 2021
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    Emily Lazar

    Mastering Engineer

    With a record three Album of the Year nominations at this year’s Grammy Awards, mastering engineer Emily Lazar is at the forefront of her profession.

    People May 2021
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    What Do Mastering Engineers Actually Do?


    In this Video, Editor In Chief Sam Inglis explains why mastering engineers are necessary, what they can do for us, and whether we can really replace them with plug-ins!

    Sound Advice Feb 2021
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    Mastering Essentials: Final Delivery, Requirements & Specs

    Part 6 - The SOS Techniques Guide | by Ian Shepherd

    In this final episode of the SOS Mastering Essentials series, Ian Shepherd reveals the best specification and file formats for submitting your masters — both online, and for CD and vinyl.

    Techniques Jan 2021
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    TC Electronic Finalizer

    Mastering Software [Mac OS / Windows]

    The processor that revolutionised home mastering is at last available in software form.

    Reviews Dec 2020
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    Mastering Essentials: Compression & Limiting

    Part 5 - The SOS Techniques Guide | by Ian Shepherd

    Compression in mastering is different — both the goals and the methods. Mastering engineer Ian Shepherd describes three different mastering compression techniques — how and when to use them, and why the goal is to be invisible.

    Techniques Dec 2020
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    Mastering Essentials: How Loud Should You Master?

    Part 3 - The SOS Techniques Guide | by Ian Shepherd

    How loud is loud enough, and how loud is too loud?

    Techniques Nov 2020
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    Mastering Essentials: EQ - Balance, Don’t Match

    Part 4 - The SOS Techniques Guide | by Ian Shepherd

    EQ will make or break your master. It's the single most important factor in mastering, once you've decided the loudness...

    Techniques Nov 2020
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    Mastering Essentials: What Is Mastering?

    Part 1 - The SOS Techniques Guide | by Ian Shepherd

    In this six-part video tutorial series, produced in association with Steinberg, well-known mastering engineer Ian...

    Techniques Oct 2020
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    Mastering Essentials: The Three Ms of Mastering

    Part 2 - The SOS Techniques Guide | by Ian Shepherd

    Without a firm grasp of these three ‘core concepts’ of mastering, you’ll always struggle to get great results. In Part 2 of his series for SOS, mastering engineer Ian Shepherd describes his “Three Ms of Mastering”, and why he thinks they’re so important.

    Techniques Oct 2020


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