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Dynamic Range Day 2024

Check out our article with Ian Shepherd

Dynamic Range Day Ian Shepherd mastering engineer LUFS levels advice tips

22 March 2024 marks Dynamic Range Day, an annual day of online activity started by mastering engineer Ian Shepherd in 2010 that aims to raise awareness of the negative impact that excessive dynamic processing can have on music.

We addressed the topic in SOS April 2023, where Ian gave us his thoughts on the seemingly endless loudness wars, as well as offering some advice on LUFS target levels when mixing and mastering music. Take a look at the link below to check it out.

➡️  Ian Shepherd On Loudness & Dynamics

To find out more, you can check out the Dynamic Range Day website, which contains a wealth of information including academic and informal loudness research, along with some interesting resources and of course, a collection of appropriate memes!

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