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iZotope release Ozone 10

Fresh updates to iZotope’s flagship mastering suite

iZtope Ozone 10

iZotope say achieving a professional master is faster than ever with the release of Ozone 10, the latest in their line of AI-powered mastering tools. This version boasts a refreshed interface, improvements to modules and an updated Master Assistant among other performance increases.

In Ozone 10 users benefit from an improved Master Assistant. This extra set of AI ears helps to match tone, dynamics and width of any provided reference track. The new Assistant View makes it faster to customise a starting point, whilst the Tonal Balance curve allows for easy metering.

Another improvements in this edition include a control to magnify Soft Clip, which helps users to get the most from the Maximizer IRC module. A new Stabilizer module aims to balance the sound with an intelligent and adaptive mastering EQ. There are also features to Recover Sides when summing to mono, an Impact module to provide punch and a refreshed UI.

iZotope also state that Ozone 10 is compatible with Apple silicon native (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max) chips for faster processing.


Ozone 10 Standard is available now from the iZotope website in two versions at introductory prices, Ozone 10 Standard at $199 and Ozone 10 Advanced at $299.

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