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Best Service releases Celtic ERA 2

The latest library from sampling master Eduardo Tarilonte

Best Service Celtic ERA 2

Just released from Best Service, Celtic ERA 2 is a comprehensive 25 GB collection of traditional Celtic and Scottish sounds and instruments, featuring over 25,000 samples. This is the latest release from award-winning sample library developer Eduardo Tarilonte, whose libraries have been used by major Hollywood composers for movies, TV series, video games and documentaries.

Celtic ERA 2 includes a range of 36 Celtic string, wind and percussion instruments; among them flutes, harps, Uilleann bagpipes, bouzouki and the Irish bodhran. Additionally, four instruments from the Bronze Age are here: the carnyx, cornu, dord and war horns. These ancient instruments have never been heard in a sample library before and it’s a real highlight to find them recreated in Celtic ERA 2. All instruments have been sampled at 24 bit/44.1 kHz, each having had several dynamic levels, articulations, round-robins, legato and glissando samples captured. Recordings were made using selected Kahayan U47 mics and preamps, as well as top-notch ribbon microphones.

For more inspiration, Celtic ERA 2 comes loaded with a collection of authentic phrases recorded as MIDI patterns and soundscapes. The instruments are offered in all their typical articulations with an added true legato function.


Celtic ERA 2 is available now for download at $259, and registered users of Celtic ERA can upgrade to Celtic ERA 2 for $99.

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