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Ian Boddy to host Tone Science Concert

The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool 22 April 2023

Tone Science concert

UK synthesist and DiN Records founder Ian Boddy will be hosting the Tone Science Concert, an event to showcase talents from a variety of today’s most innovative electronic musicians. Tickets are now available for the event, which will take place at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool on 22 April 2023.

Tone Science is a sub-label of DiN Records, a label set up by Ian Boddy in 1999 to combine analogue music of Boddy's heritage and the emerging digital possibilities of the future. Inspired by his experimental electronic music release “Tone Science” (DiN48), the Tone Science label was created in 2018. This series of albums currently comprises six releases and features compositions from more than 40 musicians focused on modular synthesis.

The extended-length Tone Science Concert will feature live performances from some of the most creative and innovative musicians in the field. These include Scanner (Robin Rimbaud), Ian Boddy, Polypores, Nigel Mullaney and Field Lines Cartographer, with the concert culminating in a collaborative performance of a composition by American minimalist and drone music pioneer La Monte Young.

Tickets are available now from The Capstone Theatre website for £20.

You can find out more about DiN records and Ian's 40 years as a fixture in the electronic music scene by listening to this SOS Podcast.

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