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    Korg SoundLink MW-2408

    Hybrid Analogue/Digital Mixer

    For their new range of mixers, Korg enlisted the help of two of the biggest names in console design.

    Reviews . Nov 2020
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    Neve 8424

    Analogue Recording Console

    Have Neve succeeded in creating a compact desktop mixer with large-format console functionality?

    Reviews . Oct 2020
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    Q. Why does my mixer channel clip except when solo'd?

    One input on my Peavey PV10BT mixer is running hot and clipping. Yet, when I hit the Solo button it sounds perfect on the headphones. What is going on?

    Sound Advice Oct 2020
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    4MS Listen Four, Listen Four Quarters, Listen IO & Listen Up

    Eurorack Modules

    There is no denying that 'utility' modules get a bad rap and are seen by many as uncool. But I see them more as...

    Reviews . Oct 2020
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    Digital Mixers In The Studio


    Many of the features that won live sound engineers over to digital desks also have huge potential in the studio. We check out some of the best options.

    Reviews Sep 2020
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    Korg MW-2408

    Korg SoundLink mixers now shipping

    Hybrid consoles combine analogue and digital technology

    New consoles combine advanced analogue features, such as illuminated buttons and mute groups, with powerful digital signal processing and effects.

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    Tascam Model-12

    Tascam add audio looping to Model-12 mixer

    VAMP feature lets you cycle song sections on the fly

    VAMP feature aimed at jam sessions, rehearsals, recording and more.

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    AMS Neve launch new console

    The 8424 is their most affordable console yet

    The 8424 is the company's most affordable console yet, and is designed for hybrid DAW+outboard workflows.

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    AMS Neve - Mark Crabtree

    AMS Neve - Mark Crabtree | Podcast

    Talking Tech

    Mark Crabtree of AMS Neve chats with Sam Inglis about how two of the biggest names in UK audio technology came together, and how they are using their unique expertise in analogue and digital audio to develop their next wave of studio products.

    Music Business Jun 2020
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    Rode RodeCaster Pro v2

    Podcast Production System

    Rode's one-stop podcasting shop continues to evolve.

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    API The Box 2

    Analogue Mixer

    The original The Box brought API's big-console sound to a new audience, and this new version should have even wider appeal.

    Reviews May 2020
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    Hear Technologies Hear Back Octo

    Personal Monitor Mixing System

    With the Hear Back Octo, you can add personal foldback mixing functionality to almost any live–sound or studio setup.

    Reviews Mar 2020
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    Allen & Heath dLive

    Digital Mixing Console

    When you're thrust into the driving seat for a tour with Scotland's biggest rock band, you need a desk that's not only powerful, but also quick to learn and easy to use. Enter Allen & Heath's flagship live mixer...

    Reviews Jan 2020
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    Q. How should I connect a CD player's unbalanced phono outputs to my mixer's balanced line inputs?

    I have a very nice domestic CD player with line outs on unbalanced phono connectors, and I want to connect it to the balanced line input of a mixer...

    Sound Advice Dec 2019
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    Q. Why are my mixer's aux outs polarity inverted?

    I've been wondering whether my Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 was a defective unit, because it has the aux outputs polarity inverted with respect to the main output section. What is the purpose of such a design choice?

    Sound Advice Dec 2019
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    The Story Of The Midas XL3

    Midas Touch

    We follow the journey of one plucky British analogue mixing console, from its birth in a shed to the heart of a museum exhibition and a place in the history books.

    Music Business Dec 2019
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    Creative M‑S Techniques

    Add Space, Colour & Interest To Your Tracks

    Splitting out your stereo signals into separate Mid and Sides tracks can open up a world of creative options in your mix.

    Techniques Nov 2019
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    Mackie ProFX12v3

    Compact Mixer & USB Interface

    Now boasting Mackie's highly regarded Onyx preamps, the newest mixers in the ProFX range offer much to tempt musicians on a budget.

    Reviews Nov 2019
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    Cranborne Audio 500ADAT

    ADAT Expander, Analogue Mixer & 500-series Rack

    Can Cranborne convert you to the 500 series?

    Reviews Nov 2019
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    How Not To Mess Up Your Mix

    Pure & Simple

    However much studio trickery is considered 'normal' in a genre, the unwanted side-effects of processing can rob your mixes of impact. But it doesn't have to be that way

    Techniques Oct 2019
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    iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced

    Plug-in Suite For Mixing & Mastering

    iZotope's AI-based plug-in suite grows ever more intelligent with the addition of an automated mix-balancing tool.

    Reviews Sep 2019


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