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Ableton launch bitesize creative tips video series

Recording musicians offer creative strategies in ‘One Thing’ monthly series

The idea behind Ableton’s new ‘One Thing’ video tips series is, essentially, to help you out if you find yourself in a creative rut. The series which features artists, engineers, producers and composers from across the globe (Stoni, Daedalus, Astronautica, Kyoka, Hannes Bieger, John Kameel Farah) sees each offering ‘One Thing’ that inspires them to create or progress a musical idea in the studio. With technical tips as well as broad creative strategies, you’ll likely find something that strikes a chord, whether you’re  beginner or a pro.

The series launches with 13 elegantly-produced videos, now available at, with more added each month. 

The concept isn’t a million miles from Ableton’s popular ’74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Production’ book, and even features a tip from the book’s author Dennis De Santis, but there is no specific emphasis on electronic music. In fact, the majority of tips are not DAW specific either so non-Live users will also find it useful.

Because each video tip is under two minutes long, you can dive into the 'One Thing’ page, see what resonates with you and quickly get back to music-making.

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