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Accusonus aim to fix your vocals with ERA Voice Leveler 

New plug-in addresses level and frequency balance issues 

Accusonus expand their range of single-knob processors with ERA Voice Leveler, a new set-and-forget vocal levelling plug-in to take the place of a compressor or indeed save hours of automation. The interface allows you to set a target level while some clever processing behind the scenes also recognises the presence of a vocal, distinct from the noise floor or breaths so these are not artificially amplified. What sets this apart from other similar plug-ins, such as Vocal Rider from Waves, is the Emphasis feature which is designed to compensate for differences in frequency balance caused by a vocalist or voice actor moving around the mic during recording. 

There area two modes of operation: ‘Normal' for a more natural sound and ‘Tight’ for more of a producer, radio-ready sound. 

The ERA Voice Leveler is available now as part of the Accusonus ERA Bundle Standard, specifically created for the easy repair of audio. You can try it for free for 14 days and at the moment it’s on sale for $119.

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