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SPL Crescendo: the first eight-channel 120V mic preamp

120V DV Audio Rail offers huge headroom and clean, "relaxed" sound.

Sound Performance Lab (aka SPL) have released an eight-channel mic preamp called the Crescendo which uses their high-voltage 120V circuitry. When most other audio gear operates at 36V or lower, the advantage that this higher voltage operation offers is massive amount of headroom. The headroom is so great, says Simon Cote of Audio Plus Services (North American distributor of SPL) that the electronics never work much beyond idle state.

What this means is a clean and “relaxed” sound. All this doesn’t come cheap, though, with the Crescendo carrying a price tag of $6500 in the US — about $800 per channel — but if you’re in the market for super clean preamps, then these could well be worth your attention. They’re shipping now and we look forward to bringing you a review in SOS soon.

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