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ADAM’s T Series gains a larger model

T8V boasts 8-inch driver for extended LF response

We’ve looked at ADAM Audio’s affordable T Series before — see our review of the T7V here — but for home studio owners on a budget yet who still require formidable bass reproduction, the new T8V might be just the ticket.

Employing the same kind of ribbon tweeter for which ADAM are renowned, the T8V’s new larger driver endows the speaker with an impressive LF extension down to 33Hz, and the ability to kick out 118dB SPL per pair. That woofer is acoustically coupled with a rear-facing reflex port to maximise efficiency, and the port’s exit is flared in order to minimise turbulence.

The T8V will be available later this year, for a price of $299£259 per speaker.

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