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AES 2008: Telefunken USA U48 (Video)

Relaunched after 51 years
Telefunken USA have relaunched the U48 large-diaphragm tube microphone, over 50 years after it was first introduced by the original company. The U48 is almost identical to the legendary U47, the only difference being in the choice of polar patterns on offer: the U47 operates in cardioid and omni modes, while the U48 has cardioid and figure-of-eight patterns.

There are numerous benefits to having this bi-directional functionality. Firstly, it can be used to reject sounds from the sides of the capsule, by angling the nulls toward unwanted signals. Secondly, two sources (vocalists, for example) can be on-axis, with one either side of the mic.

But probably most beneficial is the ability to use the mics in a number of stereo techniques that require figure-of-eight microphones, such as Blumlein (two coincidental figure-of-eights) and Mid/Side (one cardioid and one figure-of-eight).

Like their U47, Telefunken USA's U48 ships in a smart briefcase, which safely houses the bulky power supply, a shockmount and the cable.

Check out Telefunken USA's web site for further details.

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