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AES 2013: Trident TREQ 500

Series 80 Equaliser

Trident Audio Developments, owned by PMI Audio, is set to release a new 500-series EQ module later this year. The module in question shrinks the Trident 80B EQ section into a 500-series format. We reviewed the Trident Audio Series 80B Preamp and EQ back in April 2013.

The module has four bands, with two sweepable mid bands. The low frequency band can be switched between 60 and 120 Hz, and the high-band centre frequency can be switched between 8 and 12 kHz. The low-mid band can be swept from 100Hz to 1.5kHz, while teh high-mid band can be swept from 1 to 15 kHz.

It is set to retail for $599.

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