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Airwiggles’ free AirCon audio conference returns

10 – 14 June 2024, Online

Airwiggles AirCon24 online film game music audio technology conference free

Airwiggles have announced that their free-to-all online film and game sound audio conference will be returning on 10 – 14 June 2024. 

One of the largest events of its kind in the world, AirCon24 will feature 60 live talks, panels, interviews and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with 86 of the audio industries top professionals including Austin Wintory (Journey, Hades), Nia Hansen (Avengers: Endgame, Barbie) and Alex Previty (God of War Ragnarök, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2). 

There will also be two networking and social events coinciding with the conference, giving professionals and hobbyists alike the chance to connect and share their knowledge with each other. One will take place in a virtual online space hosted via Gather, while the other will be an in-person event in London, UK. As with the conference itself, both will be free for anyone to attend. 

"With AirCon in 2023 proving the viability of a free-to-all online conference, we're thrilled to be back for 2024, building on the lessons learned with an improved and expanded event. The goal remains the same, however: to make not just the best online conference for audio possible, but also the most accessible one, without expensive ticket prices and travel costs." - Lewis Thompson, co-founder of Airwiggles and co-host of AirCon24

All you need to take part in the event is a free Airwiggles account. Take a look at the company’s website to find out more and register.

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