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AKG launch foldable studio headphones

Three new designs unveiled at Prolight + Sound 2017

Foldable headphones are certainly all the rage, and from a convenience standpoint they have a lot going for them. Now Harman Professional Solutions have thrown their hat into the ring with their AKG foldable studio headphones line. Designed for musicians and audio professionals on the go, they come in three varieties — the closed-back K275 (€169), the semi-open-back K245 (€149) and the on-ear K175 (€129). The aim here is to provide professional sound quality, comfort and high build-quality all within a highly portable package. 

The headphones don’t just fold up into the headband either, the ear cups also rotate so they can be stored flat in a laptop bag. The much-praised, self-adjusting headband has also been preserved in the design process so the fit is not compromised. They also sport slow retention foam ear pads for a more comfortable, secure fit.

The K275 and K245 models feature largest-in-class 50mm transducers that, AKG claim, provide greater low-frequency extension and detailed bass reproduction. K175 utilises an on-ear design with 40mm transducers. All three headphone models offer best-in-class frequency response for unrivalled clarity and detail, according to the press release. This should make it easier to create mixes that translate well across different playback systems. 

AKG are also clearly aiming these at both mobile music creators and the prosumer market, offering "best-in-class sensitivity" and low impedance, making them a better choice when playing music from lower-powered mobile devices. 

The AKG foldable studio headphones line is expected to be available in June 2017, but UK pricing was unavailable at the time of writing.

AKG by HARMAN is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd.

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