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APRS reaches out to new members

The Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS) has unveiled a new membership structure, introducing new categories of membership designed to address the needs of semi-professional and non-professional musicians, producers and engineers.


Steinberg update Studio Case bundle

Steinberg have released details of a new version of the budget-friendly Studio Case bundle, which now includes Cubase SE 3 plus six virtual instruments for under £200, and the price of Virtual Bassist has dropped to £169.99.


Symphonic Orchestra Pro Editions upgrade offer

In preparation for the release of the Pro Edition upgrades to East West/Quantum Leap's Symphonic Orchestra orchestral libraries, scheduled for September 2005, UK distributors Arbiter have announced a number of special offers.


Live 8 'Sgt. Pepper' performance released on-line

In what is thought to be the fastest ever worldwide commercial record release, Paul McCartney and U2's performance of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' at Saturday's Live 8 concert in London has been released worldwide as a digital download.


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