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New guitar virtual instrument based on Martin D41 Ample Guitar Ample Guitar, a Beijing-based virtual instrument maker, has recently announced the latest member of its guitar instrument series, Ample Guitar M. This instrument has been deeply sampled using a Martin D-41 acoustic guitar, to make 3842 dry samples, with a total library size of 5.61GB.

All of the Ample Guitar instruments include samples for hammer ons and pull offs, legato slides up and down, upward slides into and downward slides out of notes, palm mutes, and natural harmonics. With so many samples for different techniques, it’s no wonder the instrument uses so much disk space.

Ample Guitar M uses a chord detection system set up for keyboard players, that maps every different keyboard chord inversion to a different guitar position, so chord voicing sounds more natural. To further the illusion of a real guitar performance, the instrument also works out when to trigger string noise between notes.

There are two stereo and two mono sound modes for a range of simulated microphone positions, and the plug-in also includes a range of built-in stomp-box type effects for altering the sound.

Ample Guitar M is now available from for $169 or a full bundle of four guitars, including models of a PRS Artist Custom, Gibson Les Paul Custom and Fender Stratocaster Custom can be purchased for $399.

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