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Antelope show us their new Edge modelling mics

Edge Solo and Quad microphones shown at AES

Antelope’s offering in the modelling mic arena has just become more expansive with the introduction of three new Edge microphones. The line-up comprises the fixed cardioid-pattern Edge Solo, the multi-pattern Edge Duo, and the dual-capsule Edge Quadro.

All three are designed to work hand-in-hand with Antelope’s native plug-ins or FPGA FX running on their own audio interfaces in order to model classic mics. The Edge Solo (£620/$695) has a single XLR and is designed to be the basis for modelling classic cardioid mics. The Edge Duo (£980/$1095) features a dual-membrane capsule with dual outputs allowing you to adjust the polar pattern after recording, but the Edge Quadro (£2690/$2995) may be the most intriguing. Boasting two dual-membrane capsules and rotating head along with four outputs, it makes possible M/S, XY, Blumlein and 360 audio recording.

They are set to ship this month.

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