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Aodyo Instruments expand Sylphyo’s soundset

Electronic wind instrument gains new presets

Aodyo Sylphyo electronic wind instrument firmware update trumpet balalaika physical models

Aodyo Instruments have announced a firmware update for their electronic wind instrument, the Sylphyo, delivering four new presets based on physical models created by their team during the development of the company’s Omega synthesizer project.

With the latest firmware version installed, Sylphyo users will gain access to four new sounds. There are two trumpets with natural and muted modes, based on the company’s brass model, and they have also utilised their string resonator model to offer two versions of a balalaika. Alongside the new sounds, the update also introduces new setting presets for the Sylphyo’s three exhaust plugs, allowing users to tailor the instrument’s response to the strength of their breath.


The firmware update is available now to existing owners. For those wishing to purchase a Sylpho, they are available to order directly from Aodyo Instruments, priced at €879.

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