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Anyma Omega from Aodyo Instruments

Kickstarter campaign now live

Anyma Omega Kickstarter polyphonic physical modelling virtual analogue wavetable FM synthesizer desktop keyboard

Aodyo Instruments are running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the Anyma Omega, a 16-voice multi-timbral physical modelling synthesizer. Both desktop and keyboard versions of the instrument will be available, each equipped with large displays, a wealth of hands-on controls, and touch-sensitive wooden controllers.


The Anyma Omega is based on the sound engine found in the company’s Anyma Phi instrument, which has been upgraded to deliver 16-voice polyphony and combine up to four individual patches in a performance. Each voice can utilise up to three oscillators, five effects, and 16 modulation sources, and in addition to its virtual modelling capability, the instrument is also capable of virtual analogue, wavetable, and FM synthesis. A total of 123 different module types are currently available, which include 44 sound sources, 33 effects, and 46 modulators.


Each version of the instrument features the macro parameters matrix of the Anyma Phi, and on-board programming and editing is aided by a large colour display paired with 16 push encoders. A dedicated patch diagram interface also offers direct access to sound generators, mixers, and sound modifiers, whilst providing users with a graphical representation of their patching.

Expressive performance features are provided by a wooden ribbon touch controller, which also offers a way of playing the desktop version directly, and both models also feature an arpeggiator and 16-step sequencer. The keyboard version is equipped with a 49-key semi-weighted Fatar keybed with aftertouch, and the wooden ribbon controller is extended to match the length of the keyboard. In addition to pitch and modulation wheels, the Anyma Omega Keyboard is also equipped with a second wooden touchpad, and has an additional 4 control knobs compared to the desktop version.


Dual stereo outputs are available via four quarter-inch TS sockets, with a further four sockets also providing dual stereo inputs, allowing the instrument to be used as a powerful effects processor for external sources. Two headphone outputs are also available, with stereo quarter-inch TRS sockets placed on both the front and rear panels. MIDI is available via both USB and five-pin DIN sockets, and power is delivered to an internal supply via a standard IEC mains connector on the rear panel.

Pricing & Availability

The Kickstarter campaign is live now. A range of pledges are available, with rewards that include both models available at early discounted prices. The instruments are currently planned to ship in October 2023, with expected retail prices of €1200 for the desktop version, and €1650 for the keyboard version.…

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