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Toska from Noon Instruments

Processed and modulated soundscapes

Noon Instruments Toska atmospheric soundscape textures virtual instrument analogue synth strings woodwind brass voice sample library

Noon Instruments have announced the release of Toska, a Kontakt-based sample library that uses a combination of processed analogue synths, brass, strings, woodwinds, vocals, and field recordings to deliver a range of layered atmospheric sounds.

Toska comes loaded with a range of presets, which have been organised into three banks: Instruments, Relics, and Curated Presets. The Instrument bank contains 83 patches which offer a range of pads and soundscapes constructed from multi-layered and processed sound sources. Noon Instruments say that many of the patches feature pitch, filter, and stereo width modulation present in the samples, with the modulations developing over time and delivering unpredictable performances even when playing a single note.

The Relics bank then provides a further 27 patches built from sound sources that have been re-recorded onto tape and cassette, delivering gritty, distorted textures with minimal additional processing applied. Lastly, the Curated Presets bank utilises Toska’s engine to further process the source material found in the other banks, delivering a variety of lead sounds, as well as pulses and rhythmic patches that offer a range of sounds transformed by heavier effects processing and modulation.


Toska requires either Kontakt or Kontakt Player 6.4.2 or later to run, and contains 6.5GB of samples. The library supports NKS, allowing for advanced integration with Native Instruments’ range of hardware controllers. Windows and macOS are both supported, although Noon Instruments state that some of the instrument’s effects, particularly those in the Wash and Absorb menus are extremely CPU intensive on Windows machines.

Pricing & Availability

Toska is available now, and is currently being offered for an introductory price of £69 including VAT. After 2 December 2022, the price will increase to £89 including VAT.

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